Tiny Pieces of Elegance

Nowadays, open-faced sandwiches are sometimes served at grand hotels for brunch & high tea. You can also spot them at many stylish, hyster cafes. but actually open sandwiches have a unique, humble origin.

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Morning Sweetness



French toast is such a great way to reuse any ingredient you find at home. The stale, slightly-hard bread will soak up more egg mixture without falling apart. The traditional way is to pan-fry the bread slices in butter, dusted with powdered sugar & served with jam.

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Croque Madame

I was curious about the reason of dividing sandwiches into two different sexes, i.e. Croque Madame & Croque Monsieur. So I googled about it and found that the French thought the sunny side up egg resembles women’s breasts, hence the feminine title (,,゚Д゚)
All of a sudden, this dish seems so sexy lol. The French perspective on art and cuisine is definitely bold and unique, and I just love it.

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