Anti-stress Botanical Treatment

Dr. R Fern is a physician who, according to the official story, “dedicated his life to studying botanicals“. He believes fresh herds & botanicals heal stress related symptoms and he loves to prescribe gin-based solutions for his patients.

Mysteriously located inside the shopping mall. As you walk up the stairs from the MTR entrance, you’ll see two doors on your right, a Waiting Room & a Consulting Room (I’ll leave you to figure out which one is real lol).

Waiting Room
Consulting Room

I felt like Alice in the Wonderland opening a door to an unknown world. First time ever in my life that I couldn’t wait to see the doctor lol

The moment I stepped in I instantly fell in love w/ the old-fashioned, dimly lit environment w/ botanical design & sophisticated atmosphere. The bar staff even wear doctor’s gown & ask if you have an appointment.

Daily Special : Matcha Flip, $140 hkd

Tasted like Japanese matcha milk candies. It was pleasantly sweet, like a latte, and matcha was surprisingly married well w/ gin.

(Left) The Floraison, $135 hkd ; (Right) Bloom Gintonic, $110 hkd

🍇 The Floraison { G’Vine gin | Fentiman’s Tonic | Grapes }
Elegant and refreshing, beautifully-balanced w/ a subtle fruity note.

🍓 Bloom Gintonic { Bloom Gin | Fentimans Tonic | Strawberries | Edible flowers }
Had a sickly sweet cough-syrup-like flavour. Not much of a fan.

A gin a day keeps the #mondayblues away 🍸 ! This place is a great off-work hideaway. It has great service & the staff are professional & friendly. What I love about this place is that some ingredients are sourced from local organic farms across the city 🌿 . Everything tastes refreshing. I’m so ready for regular checkups soon ☺️ !

Adorable little box is used to present the bill.


If you’re not a fan of gin, other drinks like coffee, tea, juices, homemade lemonade are also available 🍵☕️🍹 . They also sell salads, sandwiches and other snacks throughout the day.

Rumours said they are going to launch afternoon tea set in mid April, so stay tuned ✨ !

Gimmick : ♥♥♥♥♥
Look & Feel : ♥♥♥♥
Taste : ♥♥♥

🍸Dr Fern’s Gin Parlour
ADDRESS :: Shop B31A, B/F Landmark Atrium, Central (🚇 mtr exit D2)
OPEN HOURS :: Mon-Thur, Sun 2pm-1am ; Fri-Sat 2pm-2am
Price ::
CUISINE :: Cocktails
AMBIENCE :: Hipster, Sophisticated, Retro, Chillax
CONTACT :: 2111 9449


Freshness From The Sea

I have cravings of Japanese cuisine all the time. I love sashimi and even though sushi is simply rice, it has a special taste (’cause sushi vinegar is added) that makes me cannot stop eating.

So last Monday my friends & I went to this place Doraya. It’s located in a building with one restaurant on each floor. As those restaurants are all popurlar & with high ratings on a local website Openrice, there is a long queue even for the elevator that stretches along the street. We had an unpleasant experience with a waitress previously at a spanish restaurant located in the same building. We swear not to go back ever again although they serve nice food. And so we picked this place that has less recommendations & hoped we wouldn’t have to wait for too long.

To be honest I didn’t have much expectation but the quality of food was totally beyond expectation.


Self-select sashimi don (select at least 3 kinds of sashimi). With salmon, scallop & prawn tartar.

The set includes miso soup, Japanese steamed egg, marinated veggies & a small salad. These are not much of surprises but the quality was acceptable.

The sashimi don was just perfect. The salmon slices were almost an inch thick. Both salmon and prawn tartar are fresh & sweet to the bite. The scallops were SO huge. They were almost comparable to the best scallop sushi I ever had in my life at an izakaya (japanese sushi bar) in Ginza, Tokyo.
The sushi served at that bar was all freshly handmade by an old master. The rice was warm and the scallops was juicy. Together with a sweet soy sauce that was drizzled on the moment before the sushi was served it was all perfect. I have not been to that place for years. I guessed it has already been demolished 😥

This place is a real gem with affordable price. The set only costed $118hkd + 10% service charge. I only learned from the reviews after my visit that the place is famous for tuna sashimi. I think I’m gonna revisit and try their tuna & sea urchin 😜

物超所值的自選三色丼🍱 差不多二人份飯量, 清甜的甜蝦他他, 掌心闊度的帆立貝帶子, 食指厚度的三文魚. 還有茶碗蒸(內有香菇和蟹柳), 麵豉湯, 漬物, 粉絲沙拉 。
整個套餐才$118hkd +10% 服務費。

Gimmick : ♥♥
Appearance : ♥♥♥♥
Taste : ♥♥♥♥♥
Price : ♥♥♥

Address ::
6/F, H8, 8 Hau Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui
Open hours :: 12nn-3pm, 6pm-12mn (Mon-Sun)
Tel :: 2366 8072




As a total dessert girl, I always try out new dessert places or cafes around the city.
Originally I aimed for another ice cream shop but it was under ranovation. So I made my second visit to this place.


Earl grey softserve & Aries (mango sauce & cheesecake sticks) softserve, 38hkd each

The earl grey one had a stronger tea scent than the one I had when I first visited. And this time I could clearly smell floral scent from the nitrogen smoke. I was glad that it wasn’t overpowered by the milky scent even though hokkaido 3.6 milk was used. It was refreshing and it’s real ‘ice’ cream – it’s so icy.
The aries one was nothing special. And to be honest, what’s the point of having a zodiac series when the softserves’ flavours are not representing different starsigns? 😓 e.g. I thought softserve for Taurus should be golden yet the softserve is with matcha powder 😰

Gimmick : ♥♥♥♥
Appearance : ♥♥♥
Taste : ♥♥
Price : ♥♥

松坂庫 Mag Store
Address :: 35 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Open hours :: 9am-10pm (Mon-Sun)
Tel :: 2323 8700
* It’s actually a supermarket. Softserves & freahly baked bread are only available at the tst branch.

I’m gonna recommend more nice chillax places in Hong Kong.
Until next time. Stay sweet.